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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Baba Hanuma Krishna Das

Music does not provide food for thought
සංගීතය චින්තනය පෝෂණය නොකරයි.
Dear Children, whenever you get a free time, please listen to good music- Music that quite the mind. ඔලුවේ ගෝෂාව අඩු කරණ සංගීත සිතුවිලි පෝෂණය නොකරයි.
The quieter you become, the more you can here.
Again words, language, etc. do not matter.

Let us listen
Sit comfortably
Learn to listen- because you really do not know how to listen
In that, no mental commentaries, labels, interpretations, likes, dislikes..NO VOICE IN THE HEAD
If out of mindfulness, it is o.k. know that and come back here, this moment.

Namo... Namo...Anjaninandanaaya Joy- සැනසීම)
Victory over the darkness of suffering...
Victory to the one with the body of a thunderbolt
You are home of all Grace.
Destroy all my problems, calamities and sufferings.
You (Life) are my Greatest Guru,
Bestow your Grace on me.
You are the destroyer of Suffering, the abode of Grace

Let the river of these Names take you...
Let yourself  float in the beauty of your own heart
into the ocean of Love that fills all space,
that ALWAYS is...
that ONLY is.
When we know ourselves to be That,
then we can be This too.
Then we can play,
We are free and bound in the same breath,
The breath of the One breathes in us.
It's OK to be messed up, to feel small and sad and hurt
with no hope of ever seeing a good day.
It's OK to forget, to be forgotten,
to be left behind,
It's OK to be betrayed, strung out on everything
that everyone has ever done to us and we can't ever forgive...
The breath of the One breathes in us.
Breathes us.
Even when we don't know.

Where is this One? How can we find that One?
The Saints say that the One is hidden in the Name.
The Divine Name. The name of Love/Joy/Peace
And that by constant repetition,
gradually but INEVITABLY
the Presence that is hidden in the Name reveals itself!
Where? In our own hearts!
The medicine of the Name
hidden in the sugar syrup of music
begins to cure us of our sadness;
begins to cure us of our fascination with STUFF;
to cure us of thinking that happiness will come to us from the outside;
that if we have just one more hit; a better car;
a more beautiful lover, or more beautiful lovers;
a good relationship; a better relationship; ANY! relationship;
it will be enough.
When the Buddha came out of the jungle after His Enlightenment,
he said, "Oh! Monks...guess what? Stuff doesn't make you happy.”
The nature of stuff is that it will be NEVER be enough!

Or something like that...