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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Searching and investigating

It is seen in some contents in the texts that
the problem of the manifestation of Nibbana
has existed in the past as well as today. 

"Nibbana, Nibbana Sariputta vuccati -kathamannukho avuso nibbananti ". 
Thus once a wandering ascetic by the name Canna, questioned
Venerable Sariputta. 

"It says Nibbana, Nibbana,  Venerable Sariputta,
What is called Nibbana"?.

"O'friend", replied Venerable Sariputta,
 "Extinction of greed, hate and delusion is called Nibbana"'.

 (yō khō avuso, ragakkhayo, dōsakkhayō, mohakkhayō, idhan vaccati nibbana)

Even today many people are engaged in searching and investigating Nibbana.
But they are still destitute without knowing the correct ways and means ofdiscovering it from within ownself.