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Monday, July 8, 2013

The Truth in Nibbana

This book clearly shows how the continuity of Becoming is created with the arousing of craving when all causal effects are evolved in the arising of a thought; how the continuity of Becoming and all the causal effects that had arisen in correspondence of the cessation within the origination of that thought ceases instantly; and how could Nibbana be realized, freed from the mind, when that cessation is seen from within ownself heedfully and awakenly. This work called " The Truth in Nibbana" would be a favourable guide to the wise friends who are in the attempt of searching for the way leading to Nibbana, with great courage. In order to be righteous (to be fitted with Dhamma) it is essential to get Dhamma clarified. Following an unknown doctrine would not be fruitful. They who have realized Dhamma should make others know and understand it. It is a great duty of them. We appreciate the worthy religious service of Mr. Kularatne who is engaged in such a great task.