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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Knowledge is not the truth දැනුම කියන්නේ සත්‍යය නොවේ.

Knowledge is not the truth දැනුම කියන්නේ සත්‍යය  නොවේ. 
 උගත්කමෙන් සිදුවන්නේ චින්තනය/ විඥාණය පෝෂණය කිරීම පමණයි.   

 Through knowledge, we divide things from the universe by ourselves due to the concepts of ‘mine’, ‘our’ etc. We are living in a frame inside the universe where we have separated it for us. But the truth is that, we are also a part of the universe. This truth can be seen only when someone totally get rid-off from the concept ‘I’. If you became so, you become a part of the universe again where you will be beyond the time. You know that the reaction comes back to you when you do something evil to some another one. That is because, both of you are belonging to the same universe. Both you and your foe are not two persons in this universe. Due to your knowledge, you divide them as two. You may have heard about people who live physically combined each other. Is there are two people? Or is there just one? There is neither two nor one. It is your knowledge that divides. Knowledge is not the truth, but a concept that we have created ourselves.       -Tissa Senanayaka