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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The world is a stream of thoughts ලෝකය කියන්නේ සිතුවිලි දහරාවක්

මිථ්‍යා දෘෂ්ටියේ ඇලී, ගැලී, වැදහෝනා මිනිසුන්, ගලවා ගැනීමට ......

Books written by Nakkawatta, are an excellent exposition of Buddha's doctrine. The books of this nature are quite rare to find, especially coming from a native Sri Lankan. The explanations may be controversial to the traditionalists but would serve as a lamp to those who are zigzagging in search of the path, unable to find the way in the darkness, lost in the wilderness of scholarship, intellect and tradition. These books will appeal more to those who realise that they are trapped in an endless Samsaric cycle due to ignorance and craving. The detailed analysis is very clear, informative and written without any ambiguity. These books in my opinion would offer an excellent opportunity to the reader to help understand the concepts of the Buddha's doctrine very clearly.

"The whole lineage of thoughts thus arise is the world. The nature of thoughts is dispersing through breaking and cracking through out. The whole lineage of thoughts taken as the world is the same delusive consciousness which is being breaking and cracking instantly at the same spot. This is called illusory mirage like consciousness is untreatable where a mental object is absent. The Buddha said that it is made within the ownself. In order to create the world within ownself, the self or 'I' should exist. It is to be studied deeply to know whether 'I' is really there. Assume that the being (child) called 'I' is born at nine in the morning; this child who is born within the nonstop motion of time is caught in it at the birth itself. Now think that one second has passed after nine; then two seconds, and three seconds. In this way it decided seen through the senses that the child grows constantly second by second. But the reality of this can be apprehended seeing within ownself through wisdom. The child who was born at nine begins to live second by second means that he begins to die also second by second. Thus the child dies within the birth itself. If the child is to exist for an instant the motion of time is to be stopped for that instant. Could it so happen? No it would never happen. It looks as it is existing. But it is only the illusory conception (thinking) of consciousness built through ignorance. What is adapted as 'I" is only a conception that died within the birth itself. Every thing in this whole universe including all planetary systems decay with no remnants left behind. Thus said Buddha: "Nāyan lōkō na para lōkō na ubhō candimā sūriyā" There is nothing called a present world, a world after, a sun or a moon. The ordinary being who cannot comprehend the reality in deep, has come to a conclusion that the convention is a permanent existence. The only permanent existence is the impermanency or the nonexistence or the nonentity. One who believes that what is worthless is worthful that one would be grabbed into heresy gaining nothing worth, is the teaching of Buddha. Thus said;"Asārē sāra matinō - sārēva sāra dassinōTēsāran nādhi gaccanti - miccā sankappa gōcarā" If it is so, being freed from the worthless convention from within ownself, and being adapted into the view of the worthful Ultimate Reality would be the cessation of heresy the illusion. That reality which is called the Absolute Truth and which is to be disclosed from within ownself, is not a disclosure of knowledge gained by going through texts.The Knowledge should be achieved by going through books, hearing and discussing Dhamma in order to gain the ability to be active in the Noble Research for the realization of Nibbāna being freed from the mind. Thus said. "Sabbē dhamma pahātabban pagēva adhamma nittaranattāya-vō bhikkhavē dhamman dēsissāmi no gahanattaya" - "Give up all Dhammas, Adhamma the unconsciousness exists until they are given up. I teach Dhamma to lead the way for the cessation of attachment of the five senses and the mind" As far as Dhamma is heard and read, and mental culture is practiced the wisdom based on hearing (Sutamaya pannā) the wisdom based on consciousness (vinnānamaya pannā) and the wisdom based on mental culture (bhavanamaya pannā) would develop. Although these activities are to be performed in order to disclose the facts in favour of the realization of Nibbāna, but it should be wise enough to be aware of what happens through these processes is only the feeding of consciousness. The Buddhist vision known as the Great Wisdom does arise when and where the cessation of perception is omitted, from within ownself. For this purpose the consciousness should be dropped off, after being well assure of it."  -Kularatna  nakkawatta