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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Who cares what are your views or mine?

Who cares what are your views or mine?

We are all social workers and disciples of Mahatma Gandhi. We have sworn to devote ourselves to work for the removal of untouchability. Be gracious to tell your view on the subject.

No reply.

Time was passing. 
The delegates were getting tired of sitting quietly.

When the situation grew embarrassing,

Someone got up and said,

Sir, our question concerns worldly life. Perhaps it was improper to put it to you. Kindly forgive us.

There is nothing to forgive. said Maharsi quite readily and with a bright smile.

“When the ocean is surging and carrying away everything before it, who cares what are your views or mine?”

The delegates could not find much sense in the answer. Only the great events years later gave meaning to it.