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Sunday, November 3, 2013

කිං සච්චං ගවේෂී Noble Quest

Pupil: Noble Master, We cannot comprehend with our limited human minds how you have tirelessly continued to share the invaluable gems of the Buddha word with open fists for forty long years expecting nothing in return. On top of that you provide food and lodging – all completely free of charge. Many people have transformed their lives after listening to you. Given the open invitation extended to us to listen to the purest Buddha word and also to ‘see’ the Dhamma for ourselves, I would have expected millions to flock to you to take advantage of this rarest opportunity before us. Why hasn’t it already happened?
Master : Son, You have to understand that I am placing this pure Dhamma before people who are caught up in conventional thinking, whose minds are closed to the Truth through years of conditioning. ‘Vedantha’ teachings which masqueraded as Buddhism for long years has gone into the bone and marrow of people. A question similar to what you asked me was posed to the Buddha by the young novice monk Samiddhi who was frustrated by the rebuff of prince Jayasena. He asked the Buddha “Lord, even when the Truth so beautiful is spoken, why don’t people understand? Buddha’s reply was very revealing and applies to all times: “Samiddhi , how possibly can prince Jayasena, who is reveling, immersed and lost in the senses, comprehend a Dhamma that goes against the stream, so deep and subtle? This partly explains why everyone cannot access the Dhamma even when it is shared so freely.
For forty long years I had been harping on one theme, the limitation of the senses to crack the Mystery of Life. I commence all my sermons with the following statement of Truth. ie. “What the eyes show you is not the reality- what the ears show you is not reality –What all the senses including the mind tells you is not reality”
Pupil: Noble Master, While many appreciate your services and are ready to repay the debt with their lives, there are also those who level unfair criticism at you. We cannot comprehend your endurance to put up with unfair criticism and even opposition from certain quarters. You display unbelievable strength and determination in continuing with your services regardless.
Master: Son, Both groups you mentioned are irrelevant as far as I am concerned, as my mind does not recognize any ‘persons’ who praise or blame me. I am only discharging a responsibility to fulfill a promise I had given over 2500 years ago to reveal the pure and pristine Buddha word when it is being corrupted and it is losing its original spirit.
Pupil: It is indeed inspiring Noble Master. We can see a thirst for the Truth and an intellectual wave sweeping the world both here and in the West. They can no longer be held prisoners within the fragile walls of conventional religion. They will come from the four corners and listen to you and embrace the pure Buddha word. That day is not far off.
There is no better gift that this country could give to the world.