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Saturday, November 9, 2013

The red

Just think there is a red flower in front of you. My question is; where is the “red”? According to
your knowledge, you say that “the red is in the flower”. The scientific answer would be that the
flower is reflected a certain electromagnetic wavelength that we humans see as red. They have
accepted that the spectrum of light has different colours like red, orange etc. Is it true?
Let us consider the process of seen colour by human being.
When spectrum of light arriving at the eye, the eye determine the difference of the wavelengths
of electromagnetic waves. Remember that only difference of the electromagnetic waves is
wavelengths. We assume that all waves are in same intensity.
The retina is actually a piece of the brain that has grown into the eye and processes neural signals
when it detects light and convert electromagnetic signal into a neural signal. Ganglion cells carry
information from the retina to the higher brain.
The chemical reaction is happen in the brain.
Finally as the results of biological procedure, we say that we can see the ‘red’ colour.
The colour is created as the result of chemical reaction in the brain. The objects or visible lights
have no any colours. Our mind interprets the data as red, but there is no red in the flower! Our
mind needs to somehow differentiate that wavelength in some way. So, all humans see a rose
and they call it ‘red’ rose. The idea of "red" is really a construct of our minds.
The knowledge is made by accepting the red colour is in the rose flower, even though red does
not exist in the flower. If you accept the things; the things as not they are, because acceptance is
a wrong concept. Unfortunately, many people think they can find the truth through their accepted
Note: I have explained something to ‘see’ the truth, but you cannot find the truth from my
Dr Tissa Senanayake