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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Noble Quest

Wherever you go, whatever you do,.............
දුක්ඛා, if not now, wait for a moment.

Whatsoever dear things in which we delight, that which is pleasant to us,
all these will undergo change and alteration... We will thereby loose what
they were before, and be separated from them, since now they have indeed
become otherwise, and are thus not anymore the same. They have become
something different! Somthing otherwise... Whatsoever is born, arisen,
emerged, and come into being as a compounded & constructed phenomenon;
all that is liable to decay, is prone to fade away, and is bound to vanish...
It is impossible for any thing dependent on supporting conditions not to
disintegrate,  break up, fall apart, die, and cease to exist... That is a fact!
Thus renouncing, letting go, leaving behind, forsaking, abandoning and
rejecting all these transient fabrications, is therefore the only true and
safe escape from the sure suffering, misery, frustration and deprivation
inherent in all this repeated & ever recurring loss, decay, demise, deficit,
ageing, sickness and Death...
This unconditional and eternal release from all Pain, Misery and Death is
called Awakening into Enlightenment...