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Monday, February 10, 2014



"The people, who accept the knowledge, live with duality. Duality give us good and bad, up and down, poor and rich, higher cast and lower cast, God and devil etc.. We have learned all types of the duality from our childhood (from our elders). Once people learnt the duality, they would accept the duality as the truth. Then what they do? They always straggle to achieve their target. But, as an example, if someone’s target is to become a rich man, the target never can be achieved. Why? Rich is part of the duality and ‘rich’ is always with poor. You cannot find the ‘rich’ without ‘poor’.

The duality is the main source of the mental disease. The duality is created by knowledge; the knowledge is created by duality.

If there is no duality, there are no any types of mental complications. Ordinary people accept the duality, and create the problems. Enlighten one see the duality and conquer the problems.

Dr.Tissa Senanayake
-ආචාර්ය තිස්ස සේනානායක-