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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Who you really are?

No matter to what form or name you pray,
‘Tis but a means of finding the Supreme
Who transcends name and form. Grow, then, aware
Of your true Self in Him, Immaculate,
And merge in That, the Beatific Peace!
For thus is perfect Realization found.

The pairs of opposites, the trinities,
All have their source in something that is real.
Seek out this basis in the depths of mind;
The basis found, then these will disappear.
To find it is to realize the Truth
And rest unmoved within the Ultimate.

For him who thinks the body is the Self
The thoughts ‘I am not this’ and ‘I am That’
Are helpful in the search. But why should one
Be even dwelling on this, ‘I am That’?
Is there a person who thinks ‘I am a man’?
One’s ever That alone without the thought.

Who else is there apart from one’s true Self?
What matters it what other people say?
‘Tis just as if one praised or blamed oneself.
So never feel that thou are separate,
Nor swerve from That, thine own Reality,
But always stand thou steadfast in the ‘I’.

Let me proclaim with no uncertain voice
The essence of Vedanta and the pith
Of all the other schools. Let ego die
And let thyself be That! There then is left
Pure Consciousness, the Self that is the ‘I’,
And this is all that there remains of Truth.
Ramana Mahasi